2018 Messages

Date Topic Speaker
22 April, 2018 The Holy Spirit: With Us Mr. Aaron Garcia
15 April, 2018 The Threefold Office Rev. Fred Tham
8 April, 2018 The Presence of God Rev. Stephen Lam
1 April, 2018 Hope Eternal Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
30 March, 2018 The Tears of God Rev. Fred Tham
25 March, 2018 The Celebration and the Cross Rev. Fred Tham
18 March, 2018 Revealing Christ
so others may believe
Rev. Stephen Lam
11 March, 2018 The Three-Word Gospel Rev. Fred Tham
4 March, 2018 The One-Word Gospel Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
25 February, 2018 Death of a Salesman Rev. Fred Tham
18 February, 2018 Persecution and perseverance till the end Rev. Fred Tham
11 February, 2018 A radical community of sharing, generosity and discipline Rev. Fred Tham
4 February, 2018 In midst of threats and life dangers Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
28 January, 2018 By words and deeds in the name of Jesus Christ Mr. Aaron Garcia
21 January, 2018 A new community filled with the Holy Spirit Rev. Stephen Lam
14 January, 2018 A Mandate by the Power of the Holy Spirit Rev. Fred Tham
7 January, 2018 Witnessing Christ by Christ-centered Living Rev. Stephen Lam