2017 Messages

Date Topic Speaker
31 December, 2017 The Winner – Something to Look Forward To Rev. Fred Tham
24 December, 2017 A Separate Peace Rev. Fred Tham
17 December, 2017 The Cradle, The Cross and the Crown Rev. Fred Tham
10 December, 2017 The Familiar Messages Mr. Aaron Garcia
3 December, 2017 A Christmas Tree From a Stump Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
26 November, 2017 The Big Surprise Rev. Fred Tham
19 November, 2017 Is Hell Real? Rev. Stephen Lam
12 November, 2017 Is God Fair? Rev. Fred Tham
5 November, 2017 Biblical Audiology and Cardiology Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
29 October, 2017 Missional Living
– Scatter, Embrace, Presence
Ms. Sarah Wong
22 October, 2017 One Has Died For All Dr. Peter Agwa
15 October, 2017 The Problem with Missions Rev. Bill Allan
8 October, 2017 Parable of the Lifesaving Station Rev. Fred Tham
1 October, 2017 Why Do You Believe What You Believe? Rev. Hawkins
Date Topic Speaker
24 September, 2017 Christ’s Life in a Culture of Death Rev. Fred Tham
17 September, 2017 Beauty and the Beast of Brokenness Rev. Fred Tham
10 September, 2017 MGC: A Just Church? Or just a church?” Scott Forbes
3 September, 2017 Solving Life’s Puzzles Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
27 August, 2017 Revelation and Surrender Rev. Fred Tham
20 August, 2017 What is Forgiveness? Dr. James Rennie
13 August, 2017 Why?!?! Rev. Fred Tham
6 August, 2017 The Trial Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
30 July, 2017 God’s Coin – The identity Issue Mr. Aaron Garcia
23 July, 2017 A Handful of Peanuts Rev. Fred Tham
16 July, 2017 Make Friends who will Welcome You Home to Heaven Pastor Diane Ting
9 July, 2017 Steward of a Special Kind Rev. Stephen Lam
2 July, 2017 Money Management 101 Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
June 25, 2017 Formula for a Flourishing Family Rev. Fred Tham
June 18, 2017 Father, Listen to the Cries of Your Child’s Heart Rev. Stephen Lam
June 11, 2017 A Royal Marriage Made by Heaven Rev. Fred Tham
June 4, 2017 How to be Transformed by God Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
May 28, 2017 Our Joy through God’s Work, Word and Worth Dr. L Mak
May 21, 2017 The Great Reveal and the Ginormous Reality Rev. Fred Tham
May 14, 2017 The Perfect Imperfect Mothers Rev. Fred Tham
May 7, 2017 Our Ultimate Purpose – Why We Are Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
April 30, 2017 Truth and Reconciliation – Who We Are Rev. Fred Tham
April 23, 2017 Prayer Behind The Curtain Rev. Fred Tham
April 16, 2017 A Soldier’s Perspective of the Cross Rev. Stephen Hawkins
April 9, 2017 People and Palms Rev. Fred Tham
April 2, 2017 God of the Impossible Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
March 26, 2017 The Confusion At בָּבֶל‎‎ Mr. Jeffrey Ng
March 19, 2017 The Eternal King and Priest Rev. Fred Tham & Mr. Jeffrey Ng
March 12, 2017 First Day of the First Month After the Flood Rev. Stephen Lam
March 5, 2017 The Curse and the Cure – Grace in the Garden Rev. Fred Tham
Date Topic Speaker
February 26, 2017 Formed and Inspired by God Rev. Bill Lippman
February 19, 2017 “First, God” Rev. Fred Tham
February 12, 2017 Loving Others in a Broken World Rev. Fred Tham
February 5, 2017 Love Your Neighbours Rev. Stephen Lam
Date Topic Speaker
January 29, 2017 How to Help the Hurting Rev. Fred Tham
January 22, 2017 Jesus on Forgiveness Rev. Bill Lippman
January 15, 2017 Jesus on Humility and Dignity Rev. Fred Tham
January 8, 2017 Jesus on Compassion and Learning Rev. Fred Tham
January 1, 2017 Know Christ, Love Your Neighbours Rev. Stephen Lam