Fellowship 團契

提摩太團契  Timothy Fellowship            简体

時間: 每月第二及第四個星期六 – 晚上7:00 -9:00

Every Second & Fourth Saturdays of the month – 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

地點:  8 Elson Street, Markham – 12 & 13號課室房 (Room 12 & 13)

歡迎 JK 到 Grade 5 (幼兒園初班 到 5年級;4歲到10歲) 的兒童參加。

Kids JK through Grade 5 (Ages 4 to 10) are invited to our Saturday night Timothy Fellowship.

Fellowship provides relaxed and joyful life application space for children to enjoy games,
share Bible stories and skits, learn to love God, get along with friends and build new friendship.