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2017-10-29 News

RGM and CMM Praise God for the participation and outcome of the two Members Meetings held last Sunday. Meeting Minutes are already posted on our bulletin boards.

Regular General Meeting – 203 MGC Members took part and elected Annie Lam as our 2017 Internal Financial Auditor.

English Congregational Members Meeting – 32 English Congregation MGC Members took part and elected five 2018-2019 English Congregation Deacons. They are: Maureen Ho, Roden Lee, Janet Lui, Joseph Ng, and Doris Tang.

Fire Drill Notice Our church will be holding a fire drill today. Everyone is invited to participate by coming to the Chapel at 12:45 pm. There will be brief instructions and then the fire drill will start. For those parents of small children, there is no need to first pick up your children. They will be led by our volunteers during the fire drill, and will meet outside at the back lawn behind the rear parking lot. Please dress accordingly for going outside.

Children’s Pastor: We praise God that Pastor Amy Chow was approved by MGC Council to be our Children’s Pastor starting on November 1st. There will be an Induction Service for her on Nov. 26th at 10:35 am in the main sanctuary.